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Types of training



There a 3 different types of training available: Daily Training, Coach Training and Training Camp.
Each of them have specific characteristics and your challenge will be to choose the most effective way to train your players and power up your team.

Read the following to find out more.


Daily Training

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Play through a different minigame every day to train your players!
Depending on the day of the week, you will be able to play Free Kick Challenge, One on One Chase or Cross & Finish.
Daily Training does not cost any training energy so you have all to gain by playing them every day!

Your players will not directly earn EXP during Daily Training.
Instead, depending on your scores, you will earn Coach items by completing training missions.
(These training missions rewards can only be earned once per day.)

But what to do with these Coaches you win? Read on to find out!


Coach Training


Coaches are essential to the growth of your players.
In Coach Training, you can use Coaches and Club Money to power up your players.
Select one player and the Coaches you want to train him and he will earn EXP in the blink of an eye.
There are many ways you can get Coach items: in Daily Training, in Career Mode, in the Tombola…
Don’t hesitate to use them on your star players!

Training Camp

You can use special items called ‘Training Camp Tickets’ to send a player to a Training Camp. When he comes back after a few hours he will have earned EXP.

There are 3 types of camps and each one has a different cost in Training Camp Tickets and a different effect on your player’s EXP level.

*Caution: Players at camp cannot be used in matches or in training and cannot be sold or transferred.


Train each day to strengthen your team!

You need to use the different training modes to your advantage and find the most efficient way to strengthen your players individually and your team as a whole.

Log in to the game every day to play a quick Daily Training minigame, then use the Coaches you won in Coach Training.

DON’T FORGET: If you need more Coaches or Club Money, you can play as many matches as you want in the Coach Special Area and the Club Money Area of the Career Mode EVENTS! 

Finally, don’t forget to send players to Training Camp to use the time you don’t play to your advantage.

Training every day is the secret of success!