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Scouts and Tombolas


What is a Scout?


In Scouts, you can use Scout Tickets or BFB Coins to sign new players.
Premium Scouts let you scout rare players with Premium Scout Tickets or BFB Coins.
Gold Scouts let you scout rare players with Gold Scout Tickets.

In Tombolas, you can use Club Money to get random items.
These items include Coaches, Medals, My Scout Tickets, My Training Supplements, My Stamina Drinks, kits, emblems…

You can check out the exact lineup of available items/players in a Scout or Tombola by pressing the ‘INFO’ button at the bottom right of the relevant menu icon.
These lineups change with time so don’t forget to check the BFB News regularly for announcements.

*You can get Scout Tickets and Club Money as free rewards in the singleplayer Career Mode so don’t forget to play through it!


Chances to scout super-rare players!




In Career Mode, you may get players as a random reward after any match but if you want to get stronger players, you need to scout them in Premium Scout or Gold Scout!
They will allow you to sign players to your squad that can’t be found anywhere else in the game!

When you get an especially rare player, his boots will sparkle with a special visual effect during the scout scene so keep an eye out for them!