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Position Suitability


Position suitability


There are 4 main types of player: Forwards (FW), midfielders (MF), defenders (DF) and goalkeepers (GK).

But, as in real-life football, there are actually more precise roles within these groups. In BFB Champions, there are 19 types of position and each player is more or less suited to play at each one of these positions.
You can check out each player’s position suitability levels on the pitch diagram that is shown in their Player Details screen.
Some players are proficient in many positions: don’t hesitate to level them up as they can come in handy, especially when you have a lot of tired players at half time!

*Forwards are shown in red, midfielders in yellow, defenders in blue and goalkeepers in green.


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Use your managerial skills to get a high Tactical Bonus!


By assigning a player to a position he is suited to, that player will get a Tactical Bonus (these are the numbers in yellow). This will allow your players to fulfil their potential and they will have better chances to activate their Skills!


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We recommend you consider the Position Suitability, Skills, and Attributes of your players when you manage your Lineups.

Having players with high attributes is not enough to be a great manager!
It’s virtually impossible to make a strong team if you place your players in positions they aren’t suited for.
Play around with the formations you’ve unlocked in Career Mode and try different Lineups with the players you own to try and get the most efficient team.