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Players have different Skills and they can have up to 4 different Skills.
Skills are special techniques that players can activate automatically during matches.

Activating as many Skills as possible is very important if you are to win matches so every successful BFB Champions manager will need to understand Skill types and Skill levels.

Skills do not level up when players level up.


Put player with the right Skills at the right positions


Skills are broadly divided across 9 large groups: shooting Skills, shot preparation Skills, passing skills, dribbling Skills, defensive Skills, defence-offence Skills, set piece Skills, goalkeeping Skills, set piece goalkeeping Skills.

◆Shooting Skills

– Controlled Shot
The efficiency of this shot is based more on precision than brute strength.

– Power Volley
This is a powerfull volley or half-volley.

– Powerful Shot
This shot can be so fast that the keeper can’t react.

– Cut-in Shot
Cut inside to lose the defenders and use the opportunity to shoot on goal.

– Super Header
Head the ball using physical strength.

– Diving Header
Dive head first at the ball to try to score a header.

– Mid-range Shot
A shot fired from midfield.

◆Shot preparation Skills

– Line Break
A skill allowing the player to break the defensive line.

– Elegant Control
Superbly control the ball to surprise the opponent’s defence.

– Counterattack
Sets up a perfect counterattack.

◆Passing Skills

– Killer Pass
A superb last pass that splits the opposing defence.

– Technical Pass
Makes a quick, short pass with great precision.

– Killer Long Ball
A long pass to launch an attack.

– Pin-point Cross
An accurate cross from the wing.

– Knock Down
Knock down the ball with your head to a teammate.

◆Dribbling Skills

– Cut-in Dribble
The player will cut inside to get in position to shoot on goal.

– Technical Dribble
Allows the player to use his technique with the ball to get through the defence.

◆Defensive Skills

– Super Clearance
Not the strongest defensive Skill but it activates in a variety of situations.

– Cover
The player will read what the opponent intends to do and try to take the ball from him.

– Chasing
Raises the chance to stop an attack thanks to tight marking.

– Towering Defence
The player will use his height to stop an attack.

– Charge
The player will use his physical strength to stop an attack.

◆Offensive & Defensive type:

– Aggressive FW
A skill that allows forwards to be more efficient in defence and offence.

– Aggressive DMF
A skill that allows defensive midfielders to be more efficient in defence and offence.

– Aggressive Side Mid
A skill that allows side midfielders to be more efficient in defence and offence.

– Libero
A skill that allows centre backs to be more efficient in defence and offence.

– Aggressive Full Back
A skill that allows full backs to be more efficient in defence and offence.

– Overlapping
Allows defenders to come from behind to take part in an attack.

– Interception
The player will intercept the ball and steal an attack opportunity from the opponent.

◆Set Piece Skills

– Corner Specialist
Take precise corner kicks.

– Controlled Free Kick
Takes short free-kicks with precision.

– Powerful Free Kick
A free kick kicked with all the player’s might.

– Technical Penalty
A penalty kick skill that fools the goalkeeper.

– Powerful Penalty
A penalty shot so hard that the goalkeeper can’t react.

– Set Piece Target
Allows defensive players to become the target of offensive set pieces.

– Set Piece Defending
Allows offensive players to defend during defensive set pieces.

◆Goalkeeping skills

– Reflex Save
Less effective than other goalkeeping Skills but it can activate in a variety of situations.

– Punch
Activates when the goalkeeper deflects a shot with his fist.

– One-on-One
A skill that allows the goalkeeper to quickly close the gap with an opponent to win his duel.

– Sweeper-keeper
The goalkeeper will aggressively leave his box to stop the opponent’s attack.

– Lightning Reaction
Stop shots with quick reflexes.

– Unbreakable
When activated, the goalkeeper will not lose stamina, even against strong shots.

◆Goalkeeper Set Piece type

– Free Kick Save
Stops the opponent’s free kick.

– Penalty Stop
Stops the opponent’s penaty.

– Free Kick Taker GK
Allows goalkeepers to take a free kick.

– Penalty Taker GK
Allows goalkeepers to take a penalty.

Understanding what each Skill does by watching match scenes closely will help you create a superb team capable of winning Multiplayer Champions Cups!


If your players or the ball start glowing blue, this means that one of your players has activated a Skill.

You should try out formations until you find one that best fits your players’ Skills.

You can check out how many Skills you activated in a match by checking out the post-match stats. Activating more Skills than your opponents will help you drive your club to the top!