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Player Transfer


Exchange players with your in-game Friends to get the players you’re missing


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Transferring players is only possible with managers with whom you are already Friends in the game.

Negotiate transfers to get players that will help you overcome weaknesses in your squad.

In addition to exchaning players, you can choose to “sweeten the deal” with items you own, such as Stamina Drinks or Training Supplements.

Caution: My Stamina Drinks and My Training Supplements and other items prefixed with ‘My’ cannot be transferred.

To transfer players, you need Transfer Contracts.
You can get Transfer Contracts for free by playing the game each day and getting a Login Bonus. If you still need more, you can always buy them in the Shop.




  • You and your Friend need 1 Transfer Contract per player included in a transfer.
  • If both you and your Friend agree on the terms of a transfer, then the transfer will be successful.
  • You can add as many items as you want in your transfer terms without needing any additional Transfer Contracts. (You cannot include only items in a transfer. You need to include at least one player.)