Mar. 01, 2017 - How to playGame basics

Play Cycle


A typical Play Cycle revolves around the following steps


①    Play in Career Mode!


②    Scout new players!


③    Level them up in Training!


④    Challenge the world in Champions Cups and the Arena!


There are many ways to play BFB Champions. For starters, there’s the Career Mode (single player) and there are Champions Cups (multiplayer), but there are also Union Cups, Special Areas, the Arena and much more.

You may be you’re asking yourself, “Where to start?” Read on and let’s go over the basics together.


1.  Play in leagues around the world in Career Mode



Career Mode is the natural place to start playing BFB Champions. In the World Tour you play the leagues of the world’s greatest football nations. With every match, your club and your players gain EXP.

After playing all matches in a league you can win Gold Scout Tickets for scouting players. Some areas host multiple leagues. In that case, you also unlock to the next higher league. After playing all matches in the highest league, you have cleared the area. This way you can unlock new areas, win Premium Scout Tickets for scouting players and unlock new formations. Unlocking new formations is one of the main goals of playing in the World Tour. Step by step you will enlarge your strategic repertoire on your way to becoming a top manager!


2.   Scouting new players!




There are two main ways of scouting players: With BFB Coins or with Scout Tickets. You can buy BFB Coins in the Shop and you can win Scout Tickets in Career Mode or in Events.

When you scout players, look out for number of stars: the more stars, the stronger the player. One of your first goals should be to build a team that consists mainly of 6★ and 7★ players. Next you need to choose a formation that suits your strongest players best or you pick a formation first and try to scout players for its positional specifications.

Lastly, you need to be aware that not all players appear in all Scouts. Some Scouts make scouting 7★ players more likely or even guarantee scouting a 7★ player. As a rule, the lineup of scoutable players is different in Gold Scout and Premium Scout.


3.  Level them up in Training!



Players do not gain EXP by playing matches so the most effective way to level them up is in Training. You can train individual players with items (Coaches) or by sending them to Training Camp.

Depending on the role a player fulfills on the pitch, he needs to run fast, tackle, kick the ball with precision, etc. When a player levels up, these attributes become stronger automatically and in addition you can distribute some attribute points freely. You can tap ‘STRENGTHEN (AUTO)’ for reference.

4.  Challenge the world Champions Cups and the Arena!



Having built a team of strong 7★ and  7★ [SP] players, you are ready to take on the ultimate challenge – Arena and Champions Cup!

In the Arena, you start in class 1 and fight your way up the ranks until you reach Class 7. Every step along the way you will be challenged by other contestants from your Class. Collect enough Class Points and you can play a Class Promotion Match. Win it and you will be promoted to the next higher Class and get Class Promotion Rewards! And you even get rewards just for participating!

Champions Cups start on Thursdays. If you rank high enough, you make it to the next stage. (The next stage starts the day after the previous stage has ended.) But please note that you have to register BEFORE the cup starts.

A high score in the Champions Cup is the ultimate goal of BFB Champions 2.0 and an honor! All Clubs get rewards in accordance with their ranking.