Mar. 01, 2017 - How to playGame basics

Getting Strong Fast


Read on to find out how to become the high flyer among the newcomers.


Always have your strongest players on the pitch!




When you first start the game, your team consists of weak 1★ players for the most part. As soon as you Scout better players, don’t forget to substitute your weak players with the new, stronger players! They won’t be used automatically. When you Scout a player, he will be sent to your Reserves (unless they are full already). Go to ‘My Club’ > ‘Squad Management’ and tap ‘Reserves’. Then drag the stronger player on top of the weaker player you want to substitute.

And if the pitch is already full of strong players, seat remaining strong players on the bench, so that you can substitute tired players during halftime of an ongoing match.

In the beginning, the safest way to do this is having at least one extra player ready for each of the four positions: FW, MW, DF, GK. As soon as you get a feeling for which positions are most prone for producing tired players, you can switch to having more players ready for that position. Another good strategy is having another formation ready for the second half and putting players on the bench that are specialized for its positional requirements. Try out a couple different settings – this is where your experience as a manager comes into play.


3 Types of Training for Every Purpose


・Daily Training and Coach Training

In Daily Training you can play mini games to win Coaches. Coaches are a type of Item you can use in Coach Training to develop your players. Note that most Coaches additionally require Club Money – the higher his rank, the more Club Money he will cost and the more EXP your player gains.


・Training Camp

You can send a player to Training Camp and he will come back with huge EXP gains! This way you can train your players literally while you sleep! Send one to Training Camp before going to bed tonight and when you wake up in the morning your player will have leveled up and be ready for action.