Mar. 01, 2017 - How to playGame basics

Attribute Points


The further you progress in World Tour and Champions Cups, the stronger your opponents will become. It’s going to be hard to keep winning if you don’t develop your players systematically. Let’s talk about raising player attributes effectively.


Prioritize your players with the most stars




Players with many stars possess higher starting values, can level up further and their Skills are activated more often. It is likely that you will use them even as the game progresses. You should focus on developing them first, as your weak players are likely to be replaced at some point anyways.


Maximum gains in Coach Training



Got a player you know you want to level up? Perfect! Go to Coach Training and send him to Training Camps to focus on levelling up that player. 


Making use of Items and Campaigns


There are many items and time-limited Campaigns to speed up the training process.

Training Camp Tickets are used to send players on a Heavy (EXP x2.5) or an Elite (EXP x6) training course.

Make also use of the Coach Special Area and the Club Money Area in the Career Mode EVENTS. If you want to level up you player very quickly, just keep playing in these Areas by using ‘Stamina Drinks’, then use the Cloachs and Club Money won in Coach Training.


Also, there are many campaigns during which EXP gains are doubled or the Training Camps duration halved!