Apr. 05, 2017 - How to playGame basics

Player fatigue


To win matches, you need to get and train players, choose a formation, use Sports Psychologist to try different players settings, select set piece kickers etc.

Here we will give hints and explanations to answer our faithful fans most asked questions.


Player fatigue


01.What is player fatigue?


When a player makes a lot of contribution during a match, he will tire out.

Players who are tired will be less likely to appear in match scene. And even if they do appear, your Attack Success will raise less when you are on the offence and you opponent’s Attack Success will decrease less when you are defending. Also, the more tired a player is, the less likely he will be to activate Skills!



At half time, tired players will have decreased Energy Gauges.


02.Tired players


When players are tired, their Energy Gauge will decrease at the left of their icon.



03.How to prevent fatigue


The ‘Stamina’ Attribute is the main Attribute that can prevent a player from tiring easily.

The more a player appears in match scenes, the more he will use his stamina so you can choose to assign Attribute points to his ‘Stamina’ Attribute.

You can check the fatigue level of your players at half time so you can choose to raise the ‘Stamina’ Attribute of players you see regularly tired if you want to have them be useful in more match scenes, and especially if you do not have an equivalent player on the bench.

* The fatigue level changes depending on a player’s activity in the match so a player may still tire, even if you assign Attribute points to his ‘Stamina’ Attribute.



You get Attribute points that you can assign freely when a player levels up.


Last tips


Tired players can also appear in match scenes so be sure to check, and maybe tweak, your players’ ‘Stamina’ Attribute so that they can be useful in offence as well as in defence.

And since you can make only 3 substitutions at half time, make sure to have replacements in key positions and especially positions that get more sollicitated by the formation you have chosen.

You may also prefer to have on the bench players who are weaker, but can play at more positions.