May. 25, 2017 - How to playGame basics



To win matches, you need to get and train players, choose a formation, use Sports Psychologist to try different players settings, select set piece kickers etc.

Here we will give hints and explanations to answer our faithful fans most asked questions.



01.What is Possession?

In BFB Champions 2.0, each half time shows 5 ‘Match Scenes’ for a total of 10 ‘Match Scenes’ each match.


The number of match scenes that each side has played on the offense can be checked in the Stats after each match as the Possession stat.

Eg. If you have a possession rate of 60%, this means that your team played 6 match scenes on the offense and 4 on the defence.





02.How to improve your possession

The possession is determined by each team’s ability to get the control of the ball and get the ball back from the opponent.

Two player Attributes have the most effects on Possession :

①    Control : this is the ability to control the ball and it affects the capacity for holding on to the ball

②    Defence : this Attribute is mostly used to try and get the ball back from opponents and having a mre efficient defence.

* The effect these Attributes for a player have on the Possession depends on his position.





03. What has a direct impact on Possession

In addition to the two Attributes mentionned above, you need to manage other aspects in order to have better chances to get possession of the ball :

A.    The goalkeeper Attribute called ‘Organisation’ is the ability to organize defenders. The higher it is, the higher your defenders’ Tactical Bonus will get.

This also means that your defenders’ Defense Attributes will be strengthened.

B.    Players get tired as the match goes on. Fatigue lowers a player’s Attribute which mean that Attributes that impact Possession are also lowered.

 ⇒Check out details about Player Fatigue here : ‘Player Fatigue’ article


To sum up

The higher your possession, the more your team will have Match Scenes on the offence.And the more your have Match Scenes on the offence, the more you have chances to score, which gives you an advantage over your opponent.

But if you use all your Attribute Points to strengthen your Possession, this means that you won’t use them for other Attributes that would strengthen your chance to score or to defend successfully.

Your mission, as a manager, is to find the right balance to win as many matches as possible !