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Get the Most out of your Player Skills – Part 1


To win matches, you need to get and train players, choose a formation, use Sports Psychologist to try different players settings, select set piece kickers etc.

Here we will give hints and explanations to answer our faithful fans most asked questions.


Get the Most out of your Player Skills

Skills are super techniques that, when activated during a match, can give your team a definite edge. Players can have up to 4 different Skills.


①スキル発動シーン画像_ENAn aura-like effect appears when a player activates a Skill


01.Types of Skills

There a Single Skills and Double Skills:

・What are Single Skills?

They activate during a match in certain situations and effect the Attack Success chance both in attack and in defence.

・Double Skills

 They have the effects of 2 different Single Skills. They can therefore activate in more situations.


②SP選手詳細画面画像_ENRare and strong players have a Double Skill


02.Skill Activation

Skill activation depends on 3 main criteria :

①    Skill Level

The higher the level of a Skill, the more likely it is to activate when the situation is right. (Skill levels cannot be raised.)


③D選手詳細画面画像_ENThe rarer and stronger a player, the higher his Skill levels


②    Match Scenes

Skills each activate during certain situations in a match.


・Shooting Skills: can activate when a player shoots on goal. If your opponent’s goalkeeper does not activate a Skill, you will most likely score.

・Shot Preparation Skills: can activate during the movements that precede a shot on goal.  The Attack Success chance is raised.

・Passing Skills : can activate when a player passes the ball. The Attack Success chance is raised. They can lead to a shot on goal but some types of Defensive Skills can stop them.

・Dribbling Skills : can activate when a player dribbles. The Attack Success chance is raised.

・Defensive Skills : can activate in defence. Lowers your opponent’s Attack Success chance. Some Defensive Skills can even stop an Attack completely.

・Offense/Defence Skills : can activate in some situations both in attack and in defence. When activated in attack, the Attack Success chance is raised. When activated in defence, the Attack Success chance is lowered.

・Set Piece Skills : can activate during set pieces, in attack and in defence.

・Goalkeeping Skills : can activate during a goalkeeper’s effort to stop the ball. Some of these Skills can even stop Shooting Skills.

・Set Piece Goalkeeping Skills: can activate to stop direct shots on goal during a set piece.


③    Player Positions

Some Skills can only activate when a player is placed at the right position.

Eg. The Skill ‘Polyvalent CMF’ can activate only if a player is used either as CAM, CMF or DMF.



Player position is especially important for Offense/Defence Skills


03.Skills with Special Effects

Some Skills do not only have an impact on the Attack Success chance.

A.    Interception
Special Skill that activates when a team is supposed to be in defence.

A Match Scene that should have been played in defence is played in offence, giving your team an extra chance to score whie reducing your opponent’s chance to score.

B.    Charge
Defensive Skills that consumes the opponent player’s stamina with tough physical contact.

It has no direct impact on the Attack Success chance but, by tiring the opponent, it will impact the next Match Scenes.

C.    Unbreakable
When activated, the goalkeeper will not tire, even when stopping powerful shots.



This Skill does no affect the Attack Success chance but has a huge impact on the match


To sum up

Look closely at the Skills activating during you matches in order to understand their types and conditions in which they are likely to activate, like your formation and your players’ positions.

The mark of a good BFB Champions 2.0 club manager is to put their key players in the best situation so that they can strive.