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Match Scenes in Details – Part 2


Here you will find all the different ‘Match Scenes’ that can appear when you play BFB Champions 2.0!

5 of these scenes will appear during each half time of each match.
The scenes that will be appearing will depend greatly on which formation you and your opponent have selected so bare that in mind when you analyse your matches and select your strategy.


Tackle & One-Two


A players tackles to get possession of the ball then goes on the attack with a one-two and a back pass to another player that strikes the ball.



Corner Kick


Long corner kick that creates a heading chance.



Short Corner Kick


Short corner kick to a teammate who will pass back the ball to the unmarked kicker, allowing him to cross the ball to create a chance.



Grounded Cross


Grounded cross in the box just in front of the goalkeeper for a teammate who will try to beat the defence to strike the ball before anyone else.



Make-your-own Volley


A player receives the ball just outside the box, back to the goal, lifts then volleys it towards the goal.



Side One-Two


Two players exchange the ball then create a scoring chance from the side.



2-player Counterattack


A player launches the ball from the centre of the pitch and two players exchange the ball in a lightning-fast counter.



Combination & Cross


Combination of passes on a wing that creates a chance to cross the ball to the far post and score with a kick.



One-Touch Football


Players execute short one-touch passes to create an opening in the centre of the defence.



Dummy Run


A player runs without the ball and lures defenders away from the ball carrier, who pivots and creates a scoring chance.



Long Free Kick


Happens when there is a foul far from the goal. The kicker tries to score directly.



Short Free Kick


Happens when there is a foul relatively close to the area. The kicker tries to score directly.





Happens when there is a foul inside the area. It’s a one on one between the goalkeeper and the kicker.



Side Free Kick


Happens when there is a foul on one of the wing. The kicker crosses the ball to create a heading chance at the near post.